Monday, March 5, 2012

TOP 12 Dominican Songs

So I’ve gotten a request or two from friends asking about popular songs in the DR. First off, I would say that más o menos, you typically hear 60% bachata, 20% merengue, and 20% dembow. You also hear the random salsa song, reggaeton, or American pop hit. Here’s the best of the best!

1. **Promise—Romeo Santos ft. Usher—SOOOOOO good! And yes, I belt this song out in duet fashion with Avriel on a daily basis.
2. Debate de 4—Romeo Santos
3. El Amor Que Perdimos—Prince Royce
4. Corazón Sin Cara—Prince Royce
5. Sobran Las Palabras— Zacarias Ferreira
6. Cuentame—Zacarias Ferreira
7. Lo Busque--Zacarias Ferreira

1. Toma Mi Vida—Milly ft. Juan Luis Guerra
2. La 7 Loca—Don Miguelo ft. Antony Santos

1. De Lo Mio—Monkey Black
2. Con Lo Pie—Chimbala
3. No Wiri Wiri—Alfa

Also, when I say these are the most popular songs, I mean they are the MOST POPULAR SONGS. Like you can’t escape them…the grocery store, walking down the street, in the public guagua (bus), music in the park on weekends, whatever it is. And back in the states, there exists that unwritten rule that you don’t play the same song over in a night when you’re the DJ. Here that doesn’t exist. At all. Within an hour, you might hear the same song played three times, maybe even three times in a row. So no wonder everyone has every word of every song memorized (not to mention, no one’s afraid to showcase their singing skills here). So yep, and if you were wondering, bachata is my favorite hands down. And the way people dance dembow here is UNPARALLELED. Like people move their legs so fast and with so much rhythm, it’s crazy. Like our 6-year old boys have me beat on that. But it’s a work in progress. So yep, that’s Dominican music in a nutshell :) I can’t get enough of it. Now check out the songs on YouTube.

 Merengue and bachata band at the wedding here in February


katiewandering said...

Dembow? That's a new one to me... and I am YouTubing it (right now actually) :)

Laura said...

Maybe you can help me. My husband and I took our honeymoon in Punta Cana in June of last year (2012) and it seems like everywhere we went we heard this one song. Neither of us spoke the language, so we really had no idea what the song was about, but it stood out because of how many times "nooooooo" was said. Also, something that sounded like "bevante" was repeated over and over again. I tried briefly upon returning home to locate the song, but struck out. Is there any chance you could point me in the right direction?


Green Tea Latte said...

Enjoy, Laura!

megk said...

How about this one? My friend and I were just in Las Terrenas, heard a hundred times a song that goes "waaaaaa" lol Anyone familiar?

Thomas Mills said...
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Thomas Mills said...

I'm looking for a song I heard on a boat going from La Romana to Isla Catalina. I'm gonna spell some of the lyrics like i heard it: awega wega la para suco.. there was "sola" in there someplace too... can you help me out??

Kristen Mages said...

Sorry for the slow response. Megk, your waaaa song is called Ayy and it's by Amara la Negra. SUCH a booty-shaking song and super popular right now.

Thomas, I'm not sure what song you're talking about. It must have been a dembow. Look up El Alfa and see if it's not one of his songs...

Marina said...

Hello! I'm trying to find a song, it's difficult because I don't know the lyrics, but I know the video haha. His girlfriend left him for most of the video but came back in the end.. He had a little faux hawk. I don't know if it helps, it was such a good song!!

Emmanuel said...

Lmao I was looking for a song a while ago and came up to this page... It seemed funny to me that Caucasians were describing dembow by the lyrics... You don't hear that much.

Maria Martins said...

Hi I have been looking everywhere for the song that goes "believe believe ya ya ya ya ya" and "se qureres pollo (something something) x2" then goes "ale bravo ale bravo ale bravo ale bravo"

Harriet Green said...

Maybe you could help me, we were recently in the DR and heard a lot of a song with the following lyrics:

Oh la se de, oh la sa do, oh la la la la
( They could possibly be saying 'ya' not 'la')

I tried to shazam it and record it on my phone but it hasn't worked and I can't work out what it says to find the song! Its quite an upbeat and catchy song! Thank you in advance!

Janet Mann said...

I have recently been to La Romana an think I know the song Harriett is talking about. They played it all the time on the beach. It's a real good feeling tune. Would love to know title so could download it. Any suggestions.

.r said...

I'm DJing a Indian/Dominican Wedding tonight and was looking for music, came across this and what a help!! Thanks! Cheers from Boston

Andrea Parga said...

I know I came across this page late but I was in the middle of downloading some of my fav dembow songs and was looking up lists to help me recall all the songs I wanted and the second I read your msg I knew EXACTLY what song you were trying to describe! Lol! Too funny with the...noooooo part you wrote! Wondering if you already got your answer? Well if by chance you never did find that song it's called PRENDELO and it's by EL SCHICK classic dembow song, one of the all time best! I'd love to hear from you to know if I was correct! Be great if I helped you finally find a song in a foreign language based off of the one word they say that both Spanish & Americans use "No" hahahaha that would be pretty impressive no? Enjoy! Andrea

Japanguy said...

Thanks for posting this. Yes this Dembow music is interesting. Was just in the DR for the first time. I'm liking it!

wendie said...

hi about twelve years ago we were in DR and there was a song played over and over, all we know was we would sing cinco nasty man, that's the best I can do, anyone any idea please??

Izza Smirnoff said...

Just came back from Punta Cana and I really love the song they keep playing. It sounds like "Poom poom poom". Anybody knows this song?

Izza Smirnoff said...

Just came back from Punta Cana and I really love the song they keep playing. It sounds like "Poom poom poom". Anybody knows this song?

Amber Matthews Dooley said...

I would seriously like the entire beach playlist for LHVC in Puerta Plata - Cofresi Tropical Resort. There were several songs on there this summer that were A1.

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